Master Your Emotions. Master Your Life.

Harness Your Inner Power, Overcome Self-Doubt and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Uncover Your Unique Emotional Blueprint: Answer 8 Insightful Questions and Receive Tailored Strategies Designed Specifically for Your Dominant Emotional Response Style!

Are You Tired of Emotional Overwhelm?


Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and held back by fear and self-doubt?

You might find yourself stuck in a cycle of negative emotions or replaying past events in your mind, preventing you from reaching your potential.

I understand the challenges of being driven yet sensitive, and I’m here to help you navigate this complex emotional landscape.

It’s not your fault.

Master emotional overwhelm to feel peace and calm

Just imagine if you could effortlessly manage conflicts, shrug off fear and self-doubt, and focus solely on achieving your goals.

What if you could harness the power of your subconscious mind, the epicenter of your beliefs, habits, and emotions, to become an unstoppable force?

The secret is in understanding subconscious blocks – those limiting beliefs and stuck emotions that influence your thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

More often than not, they remain hidden beneath your conscious awareness, silently shaping 95% of your habits and behaviors. They can take the form of fear of failure or success, self-doubt, procrastination, negative self-talk, and resistance to change.

But, you are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. It’s time to take charge of your mind.

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“Emotions are the most powerful force in our lives. They drive everything, from the smallest decisions we make, to the actions we take on a global scale. The quality of our emotions is the quality of our life.”

— Tony Robbins

Uncover Your Unique Emotional Blueprint:

Answer 8 Insightful Questions and Receive Tailored Strategies Designed Specifically for Your Dominant Emotional Response Style!

Mastering your emotions is the fastest way to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.

By clearing away limiting beliefs, conditioned responses, and deeply rooted programs that constrain you, you unlock your innate potential and step towards the life you were born to live, unaltered by societal expectations and preconceptions about who you should be and what you should do.

Imagine the surge of energy and the vast opportunities that will open up to you once these blocks are removed.

Visualize your career or business advancing, your income soaring, and the recognition you’ve always desired now within your reach.

With a balanced mind and emotions, you can make better decisions, accomplish more, and have more time for the people and things you cherish.


Live the life you were born to live.

Uncover Your Unique Emotional Blueprint:

Answer 8 Insightful Questions and Receive Tailored Strategies Designed Specifically for Your Dominant Emotional Response Style!

Introducing the Empowered Visionary Method

Discover my unique 3-pillar system designed to help you transform emotional overwhelm, self-doubt, and fears into inner power and confidence. My method focuses on three core areas:

Emotional Mastery

Gain control over your emotions and turn them into your greatest allies. Navigate through stress, fear, and uncertainty with ease, allowing you to stay focused and productive in any situation.

Mindset Mastery

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Foster a resilient and growth-oriented mindset that will empower you to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and move forward with unwavering confidence.

Goal Mastery

Set and achieve ambitious yet realistic goals through a proven, step-by-step process. Break free from procrastination, sabotage, and self-doubt, and start celebrating your victories with enthusiasm and pride.

Uncover Your Unique Emotional Blueprint: Answer 8 Insightful Questions and Receive Tailored Strategies Designed Specifically for Your Dominant Emotional Response Style!  



Are you a sensitive soul yearning to fulfill a higher calling, but find yourself consistently hindered by fears and self-doubt? If so, my coaching program has been designed specifically with you in mind.

Experiencing continual roadblocks on your journey can be incredibly frustrating, leaving you questioning whether you’re truly cut out for the path you’ve chosen. But here’s the truth: You are.

In my coaching program, we employ a holistic approach to help you overcome these hurdles. By combining NLP techniques, subconscious reprogramming, and energy healing, we’re able to address and remove the subconscious blocks that have been sabotaging your progress.

Working on the emotional, mental, and spiritual level, we create a powerful transformation that will accelerate your journey towards your goals. With these blocks removed, you’ll be free to harness your innate strengths and fulfill your higher calling.


  • I was immediately drawn to Caroline’s approach because of 3 things: her own experience, her undisputed knowledge of the subject and her obvious commitment to help others.

    Caroline gave me real tools that I used meticulously: concentration, how to engage my audience to follow my proposals and succeed in making them participate musically. Her method, designed to the millimeter according to our personality, aims at getting the best out of ourselves.

    Touve R. Ratovondrahety, Principal Pianist with the ballet corps of the Paris Opera
  • I have worked with Caroline Thay on several occasions. Caroline gave me a great deal of insight about my life and specific issues I needed to work on to have clarity and focus in order to achieve my goals.

    If you are looking for someone to get to the heart of what is holding you back, Caroline can do this on many fronts including financially, emotionally, and, no matter what your belief system, spiritually. You leave after a session with Caroline and you feel like you have a new lease on your life and more importantly, you actually begin to like the person you are.

    In fact, I was so impressed that I referred her to some of my family members and friends.

    Romi Stepovich, Writer, Consultant
  • "Caroline has been like a lighthouse in my life providing guidance in the various phases of my life. I would say what characterizes Caroline the most is her listening skill, empathy and ability to hold space for others. She perceives energy and what is happening underneath the conscious awareness and because of that she is able to take you deep into the inner work. She empowers you to take back control over your life."

    Cristina Cavaleiro, Translator
  • When I met Caroline I immediately had a good contact with her as a person and appreciated her professionalism. Caroline likes to help others and she masters her subject.

    At the end of each session, I feel more serene and have more confidence in life. Working with Caroline has enabled me to have a greater understanding of myself and others. I now have a different outlook on life. I look at the behaviors, emotions and attitudes of people around me with more detachment.

    During the sessions, Caroline shares her knowledge and tools. She doesn't hesitate to give you keys that you can implement right away.

    Melanie Lemonnier, Former Jurist, Intuitive Healer
  • Caroline is a coach who is a world apart from the competition. She has an arsenal of tools and exercises that are effective in digging deeper into the core and the past.

    Caroline has the personal experience and strength to relate to people and to find solutions together in a level that no other coach can. She knows that success is not just from money, but rather from personal satisfaction and interests in what we do in life.

    It is a privilege to have Caroline in my life as a coach and friend. I highly recommend her for everyone, especially the unique people who need that personal touch!

    Grace F.
  • I've had the privilege of attending several of Caroline's excellent Mindset sessions and would highly recommend them to individuals or organisations seeking to improve/optimise their wellbeing, professional/personal relationships, efficiencies and general self-awareness.

    The workshops are well structured and Caroline has the natural ability to create a calm atmosphere where all participants feel comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings.

    What sets Caroline's workshops above the rest is her ability to raise awareness on complex psychological issues in such a simplified way, that you're left dumbfounded how it wasn't possible to see them before, when now they're so plainly obvious.

    The workshops have and continue to help me in all areas of my life and I apply the techniques in my personal, professional and social activities. Caroline is an exceptional talent in this area and the best way to describe her work is to use a quote from Albert Einstein 'The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple'.

    Earl Wright, Corporate Actions
  • Caroline is an amazingly powerful, incredibly persistent human being who consistently outgrows herself to be the best she can be. She has inspired and empowered many around her -- including me :) -- as she walked her talk and as she led by example!

    She is such a leader, go-getter and make-it-happen personality that I know NOTHING would stop her from whatever she wants to achieve in her wonderful journey of growth and contribution.

    Shiny Burcu Unsal, Top-rated Leadership Professor @UCLAx, Author, Speaker

About Me


caroline thay

Hello there, I’m Caroline! As a licensed NLP Master Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence, my passion is empowering empathic individuals to conquer self-doubt and fear so they can answer their true calling.

I understand what it’s like to wrestle with low self-esteem, living in fear, and self-sabotaging once you reach a certain point. It feels as if invisible barriers are constantly holding you back. I’ve felt the frustration of watching others receive opportunities and rewards that eluded me, despite working harder and often having superior skills.

In 2005, my life took a transformative turn when I discovered the power of NLP and Tony Robbins. I learned that my destiny was in my hands, that I could control it by mastering my thoughts and emotions.

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Uncover Your Unique Emotional Blueprint: Answer 8 Insightful Questions and Receive Tailored Strategies Designed Specifically for Your Dominant Emotional Response Style!  

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