About Caroline

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This discovery sparked a passion for learning about yoga, meditation, art therapy, expressive arts, psychology, relationships, communication, leadership, NLP, and energy healing.

As I learned to navigate my emotions and seize opportunities, I climbed the corporate ladder swiftly, handling increasing responsibilities, including setting up a financial reporting system for a newly acquired subsidiary in Shanghai, China.

During the 2008 recession, when many warned that companies were not hiring and wouldn’t fund relocation for positions below director level, I secured a job in Los Angeles, CA, with a generous relocation package. The job was tailor-made to match my skills and experience. Within 4 1/2 years, my income quadrupled.

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Celebrating Freedom – Los Angeles CA, USA
Me at Death Valley in California
Me at Death Valley in California, USA

Despite this success, I felt unfulfilled. Degrees, career success, and financial gain did nothing to fill the void within. I knew something was missing.

As the eldest child of immigrant parents who escaped the Cambodian genocide, I witnessed the hardships of their daily struggle. They worked long hours, missing out on our childhood, to give us a better life. An incident from my childhood left a profound impact on me – the memory of soothing my baby sister, while our mother was busy meeting a work deadline. This sowed the seed of my future passion – the desire to be the master of my time, to not miss out on precious moments, to enjoy freedom and self-determination.

In 2012, during an NLP training with Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, a hypnosis session on stage with him dissolved my blocks, paving the way for my new journey as an NLP Master Practitioner. Within a few months, I quit my corporate job, launched my company, and started offering NLP coaching and training.

Me with Richard Bandler
Me with Richard Bandler at the NLP Trainer’s training in Orlando FL, USA
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Sharing my journey to a group of 250 entrepreneurs and professionals – Paris, France

If you’re a sensitive individual, ready to shed the cloak of procrastination and self-sabotage to finally achieve your dreams, I invite you to book a discovery call with me. It would be an absolute joy to accompany you on your journey to creating the life you’ve always wanted.


Me and Coach Marco
With my business coach Marco doing a strategy session
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Interviewing 50 cent in front of 1,000 entrepreneurs from around the world
with 50 cent after the event
With 50 cent after the event
me and John Travolta
Me with John Travolta
Presentation about the mind
Presentation about the mind – London, UK