Understanding self-love

  Self-love is the ability to love ourselves just as we are. Self-love has nothing to do with our behavior, our accomplishments, successes, material possessions, or relationship status. We are lovable for who we are, not for what we do or what we have. And yet, how many people truly love themselves? In our journey … Continue Reading

Why is it so hard to communicate between us?

We think our communication is perfectly clear and sometimes we are surprised that our communication didn’t exactly come across the way we intended it to. We apparently speak the same language, so why is communication so hard with certain people? Communication issues are a leading cause of conflicts between people.   The reason is:   … Continue Reading

Who am I to have an impact?

This question has come up often during recent conversations with friends and coach colleagues. Whether you are in the helping field or not, know that everyone can make a difference at the level they are. We probably won’t have the impact of a Gandhi or a Mandela, but we certainly have an impact on the people … Continue Reading