Understanding self-love

  Self-love is the ability to love ourselves just as we are. Self-love has nothing to do with our behavior, our accomplishments, successes, material possessions, or relationship status. We are lovable for who we are, not for what we do or what we have. And yet, how many people truly love themselves? In our journey […]

6 powerful questions to identify the self-sabotage program

  What is self sabotage?   Self sabotage is the program that kicks in every time we’re trying to do something to change our life. For example losing weight or getting into a relationship. We don’t understand why we do that to ourselves. Oftentimes we blame ourselves for doing this dance of one step forward, […]

Are you like the carrot, the egg or the coffee?

Many of you have shared with me that you are through a tough time where the problems are coming at you one after another. I know that it is not easy to hear, when you’re putting out fire, that there is a lesson to be learned behind every life challenge. These trials can move us […]

Who am I to have an impact?

This question has come up often during recent conversations with friends and coach colleagues. Whether you are in the helping field or not, know that everyone can make a difference at the level they are. We probably won’t have the impact of a Gandhi or a Mandela, but we certainly have an impact on the people […]

Who wants this 100-euro note?

A speaker begins his conference holding up a 100-euro note and asks the following question: “Who would like to have this bill?” Hands go up. So he says, “I’m going to give this 100-euro bill to one of you, but before, let me do something with it.” He suddenly crumples the bill and asks: “Do […]